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Our Services

Machinery & Tools

Tyden assists you with all types of machining or equipment problems.

Coal & Solid Fuels

We always aim to deliver the fuel you need at the times you need.

Industrial Chemicals

We are the best producer of high quality and industrial chemicals.

Pharmaceutical Research

We're leading biopharmaceutical researchers and biotechnology company.

Aerospace & Defend

We help companies to address challenges and improve their performance.

Oil & Gas Revolution

Tyden has changed the energy world and helped stabilize economy.

Our Skills

Reacting to neighborhood business needs to fill skills gaps and create employability abilities in youngsters, we co-ordinate exercises amongst organizations and different associations with access to youngsters. Youngsters require motivation and in addition data and direction, which is best accomplished through compelling engagement with businesses.

Machinery 95%
Coal 85%
Industrial 90%
Pharmaceutical 86%