About Us


is an Engineering Services and Supplies Company involved in activities covering industrial supplies, technical services, construction and fabrication. TYDEN was established in June 1994 and has grown steadily over the years being the entrusted engineering solutions provider for our customers. TYDEN operates from its corporate office located in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Tyden is representing various International Manufacturers and has been very successful with them in the Power Generation and Water Projects. One of main reason for our success in the ability to provide continuous and timely support services for our principal as well as to our customers.

Tyden is expanding constantly and has proven to be a dependable firm earning the trust of companies of international reputation. Being an engineering company, Tyden has vast experience in project management and execution starting from design conceptualization & construction to installation & commissioning. Tyden Engineering Sdn Bhd stand poised to face the challenges ahead by further expansion of its operation and standing true to its commitment to quality products and services.